Ascot Priory

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Priory Church of  Jesus Christ

Webmaster: Fr Paul McLaren-Cook

This Week at Ascot Priory

Trinity Sunday

 (May 27th)

10:00am Solemn Mass

The Priory is closed on Monday & Tuesday

Wednesday - Friday

8:30am Morning Prayer

9:00am Mass

5:00pm Evening Prayer

Corpus Christi

(Thursday May 31st)

9:00am Holy Eucharist

1st Sunday after Trinity

 (June 3rd)

10:00am Holy Eucharist


Retreat Association Icon

The Retreat Association has commissioned an icon as an enduring reminder of the value of Retreats and reflective prayer.

Iconographer John Coleman, also known as Ikonjohn, has produced icons in over 200 churches worldwide including York Minster, Exeter, Truro Cathedrals and Sherborne Abbey.

Icons have been used for centuries to depict Bible stories and offer a way of entering into the story through prayer, stillness and contemplation - practices that lie at the heart of our work.

The theme the icon is ‘The Woman at the Well’ (John 4:1–42). This has been chosen for its universal appeal and the many different themes associated with retreat and spiritual direction.

The Icon will be hallowed on 21st June during the Retreat Association’s Annual Conference and then will be on display at a number of retreat centres across the country, giving people the opportunity to pray and reflect with this beautiful image.

From 25th June – 15th July the icon will be on display at Ascot Priory, Berkshire. (See Priory website for opening times –

Saturday 30th June and 14th July (10am – 4:00pm) there will be Quiet days with guided meditation based on the icon. Cost £20 including light lunch. Booking is essential please email Fr Paul to book your place.

Sunday 15th July 6:30pm Choral Evensong and conducted meditation.

Contact: Fr Paul McLaren-Cook,

Phone: 01344 882067